We left Rhea overnight

We left Rhea overnight

We received a “save the date” several months ago and as excited as I was to celebrate my sorority sister marrying the love of her life, I was NERVOUS. Nervous because I knew I would have to leave Rhea for a night. I mean I didn’t HAVE to leave her overnight but I wanted to drink and have a good time without worrying about having to take care of my precious babe. With the wedding a couple months out I started to prepare myself and try to prepare Rhea.

Since Rhea is 100% breast fed I have no idea how many ounces of milk she drinks everyday. Guess what I did to guesstimate? GOOGLE. According to google the average 5 month old drinks about 20-25 ounces for a 24 hour period. So I started to pump. I started pumping a bit late if I’m being honest. I don’t like pumping at all which is why I pushed it to the last moment. It takes so long for me to get just two ounces so I end up just getting frustrated. Anyways I started pumping and storing all her milk in the freezer so she would have enough for our trip. I also thought it would be a good idea to have a trial run with my mom since she was going to be the one watching Rhea overnight. My mom and her girlfriend came up one weekend so Tevin and I could go out to another friends engagement party for several hours. I showed my mom how to defrost Rheas milk and her bed time routine. Tevin and I left around 7 o’clock that night. I was nervous! I knew my mom would be able to take care of Rhea just fine, I mean she had three of her own daughters! I just hadn’t left Rhea for more than about two hours and that’s just with Tevin. I had never left her with any other family. I know my nervousness was because I was leaving her and wouldn’t be able to see what she was doing every second of the day. Hahaha. Im obsessed with our daughter. *insert crazy obsessed face here* but Tevin and I had a great time out and when we got back Rhea was sound asleep! HA! Yeah right. This girl was getting her 2am bottle and as soon as she saw us her big brown eyes opened up and she got a jolt of energy. She didn’t actually go to bed until about 4:30am. Other than that my mom said she did great! Great meaning she cried for about the first hour and a half but then warmed up after her first bottle. Once she realized my mom could feed her she was like “oh this is good, we are good now”. Also, with the baby monitor we have I was able to check in on her while she was sleeping. I definitely showed everyone at the bar her sleeping in her crib. LOL. Anywhoo, after hearing she did well I felt much better about leaving her overnight the next weekend.

Fast forward to next weekend.

We left on Friday to my dads in Austin where we spent the night. The next morning we dropped Rhea off at my moms, said our see you laters and headed off to San Antonio. My mom was sending updates via text before we even got back on the highway so that was amazing. I received videos and photos all night long with updates on how she was doing. You best believe I was showing our table all the pictures. Rhea definitely struggled at first…for the first 3 hours. Rhea is a very active baby and being in a new environment without mom and dad made her more active. Per my mom, Rhea did not want to be in any one spot for more than 5-10 minutes. My mom sent photos of her playing on the ground with her cousin, playing in her jumper, then going for a walk. She fell asleep during the walk which is the cutest! It was a full house there though with my mom, her girlfriend, my aunt, my little sister and nephew. My nephew is only about 15 months old so they were able to play together a bit on her play mats. My mom also got her a mesh pacifier which was great. Rhea loved it so so much and it helped soothe her sore gums. She had an eventful day and was asleep by 9pm. Several hours later I was informed that Rhea had drank her last bit of breast milk I left for her. I was devastated. Literally crying in the bed. I tried so hard to pump for her and take care of her milk so it would be good when we got to Austin. It felt like I had failed her and that I didn’t do enough. My aunt went out after doing some research and got her some breastmilk like formula. I was told that Rhea was not a fan of the taste but still ate it. I am grateful that we live in a time where I didn’t need to rush back to her as soon as possible and that there is another option to feed my baby because at the end of the day FED IS BEST y’all. Yes I felt like boo boo for not leaving enough milk but I literally had no way of knowing how much this girl was eating on a daily basis. Now I know for the future that she can eat!

Tevin and I had an amazing time at the wedding but were so excited to get back to our baby girl! We stopped at my moms the next morning to scoop her and her toys and new toys/shoes up. Then went to my dads to pick up Duke (our dog). Rhea was so tired that she fell asleep before our 15 minute ride to my dads. Y’all, she slept almost the entire way back to DFW. If y’all have read my other blogs and instagram posts then you’re aware that she HATES her carseat and usually screams the entire rides so this was incredible. She woke up with about 45 minutes left and was not happy until I gave her the mesh pacifier with some frozen grapes inside. She was very content after that and didn’t start getting fussy again until we were down the street from the house.

I am so glad we chose to leave Rhea overnight because Tevin and I had a great time and Rhea knows she is safe with other family members. It was a great teaching moment for her and she also got to spend quality time with family. She had a fun time and we had a fun time so I’d call that a win.

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