TMI C-section recovery

TMI C-section recovery

Hospital recovery: After my c-section I was given some pain and gas medication. During the c-section my bowels stopped working because of the anesthesia. This is normal but because of it it can be really painful to pass gas or poop. Peeing is difficult too since you have a catheter in during the procedure. Anyways, the nurses want you to walk around as soon as you feel comfortable enough because they say it helps with recovery. I honestly didn’t feel very comfortable walking yet but my catheter was out and I had been drinking so much water so I needed to pee. Let me tell you, the bathroom doesn’t seem far when you tour the hospital but when trying to walk there for the first time after a major surgery, it is far!

One of my nurses helped me out of bed the first time I needed to pee. Take the help! The pain was something else. It hurt so bad just to move my legs off of the bed. Once I got them off the bed I had to stand up and walk to the bathroom. Hunched over and crying I walked slowly to the bathroom. If you don’t cry or didn’t cry I’m clapping for you. Seriously. Props to you. Peeing hurt a little bit but wasn’t so bad after the first time. I do remember the first couple times I tried to pee I couldn’t get my bladder empty. It was hard for me to tell if I was urinating or just bleeding. Yes you still bleed a lot after a c-section. My bleeding stopped after about 1 full week. The gas pains are no joke. They hurt pretty bad and continued until I was able to pass gas. One of my nurses gave me a tip I am going to share with you, don’t drink your water from a straw. Drinking from a straw is going to put more air into your body giving you more gas pains. Just drink from a regular cup or open water bottle. You’re welcome. Also, TAKE YOUR TIME when walking. I walked up and down the halls one day really slow and it got easier and easier and less painful. Tevin had to change Rhea for the first couple days since it was really difficult to get out of bed. He also picked Rhea up for me and put her back in the bassinet for me whenever I needed. If you don’t have a significant other helping you out try to get a family member or call in a nurse whenever you need it. TAKE THE HELP.

At one point I had been getting up out of my bed regularly and felt confident enough to sit in a regular chair for a moment rather than my bed. The chair was a lot lower to the floor and happened to rock. It felt good to sit in a regular chair but getting out of the chair was a completely different story. I tried by myself to get up but couldn’t so Tevin helped me up. It was so painful. I thought my stitches were ripping open and my insides were going to fall out. I made it to the bathroom and as soon as I sat down I knew I was going to pass out. I could feel my face And hands start to get cold and was starting to spots. There is a string to pull in the bathroom if you need help so I pulled it. I figured my nurse would come in and help me get up. She came in along with about 5 other nurses who were all rushing in. They gave me an ammonia inhalant which definitely woke me up. After the color came back to me they helped me into a wheelchair, which I should have said no to since sitting in a low chair was the reason I was in so much pain in the first place. I got wheeled back to my bed and then had to get up out of the wheelchair and into my bed. That was honestly the only time I was in a crazy amount of pain while in the hospital. I was released 3 days after having Rhea and was so excited to go home.

Home recovery: My mom came home with us and stayed for a few days to help us out. She bought me this cloth tummy wrap to wear while at home. It was more like a tube top rather than a wrap. It’s made from a stretchy material but was still tight around my stomach to help hold it together. (I’ll put the product below if your’e interested in it) It hurt putting that on but my mom helped. I also have a belly bandit wrap that I started wearing after a few weeks. That one is way more structured and is a real “wrap”. I have a super short torso though so it bends a lot at my waist. I only wear it a few times a week because of that. Showering was difficult but Tevin stayed in the bathroom to help wash my legs and feet since I wasn’t supposed to be bending down. He also shaved my legs! #besthusbandever The gas pains were still pretty bad since I hadn’t pooped yet. Some people say they feel the gas in their neck, back, or shoulders, so thankfully I only felt mine in my stomach. I don’t remember how many days it took for me to actually poop but once I did I felt so much better. Taking the poop was so painful though. I was eating all types of fiber but was almost crying on the toilet. Just prepare yourself.

I checked on my incision every time I went to the bathroom. Oh I forgot to mention, when showering make sure to keep your incision dry and covered for the first week or so. Anyways my incision looked pretty bad at first but after a few showers the glue from the “band-aid” came off and so did the dry blood. I did notice a hard spot near the upper right side of my incision but that went away after a few weeks and my doctor said it looked great and there was nothing to worry about. Also, the last stitch on my incision took a while to dissolve. I seriously thought I was going to have to have my doctor remove it or something but it dissolved on its own. Now my incision looks great. It’s so thin and straight just a little pink. My doctor really did do a great job!

I’m 9 week PP now and am able to do everything I was doing before baby. It is still a little difficult to do somethings because of all the muscle I lost while pregnant and recovering but I am getting there. The pain does go away and you will get back to your regular self. You can do it momma! Just make sure not to rush, take your time. Enjoy the time you have with your squishy newborn because they really do grow so fast.

Let me know in the comments below how your recovery went. Did you have a c-section or vaginal birth? Any problems I didn’t mention? Smooth sailing? Also, tell me how your belly band fits and if you feel like its helping any.

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