The trimesters

The trimesters

There are some women who absolutely love being pregnant and some who absolutely hate it. I was somewhere in the middle more towards loving it. My first trimester was a breeze. Morning sickness, nausea, swollen boobs, and all the other typical first trimester symptoms you hear about didn’t hit me. It was great! In fact if I hadn’t taken a pregnancy test I wouldn’t have ever known I was pregnant… well, besides missing my period. 

My second trimester was almost as easy as my first. Towards the end of my second I started to get major headaches. They would wake me up some nights and would last for hours some days. Cravings started at this point too. Sweets were my weakness. It was an internal battle not to buy it every time and I lost that fight more times than I won it. Who could blame me though? I had some nausea but still not a lot. My linea nigra definitely started to show. Still have it by the way. The rib and back pain was killer this trimester and lasted into the third. The pain would go from my rib one week to my back the next and it only got worse as baby grew. My doctor advised that it was just normal pregnancy pains. I started using a pregnancy pillow at this time to relieve some pain. My boobs started to become sore in the late second which excited me because I knew I wanted to breastfeed. Not saying that if you don’t have sore breasts you can’t breastfeed but it just excited me. Both my first and second trimesters flew by. 

My third trimester went by the slowest. Some women say they feel like a cow or a whale when they are pregnant. Obviously I didn’t understand what they meant, until into my third trimester where I very started to feel just like that. Very heavy and very slow. It was difficult mustering up energy to do anything. Did I forget to mention how big of a baby I was carrying? Let’s just say she was in the high 90th percentile for weight every time we went in for a sonogram. She was a big girl. As we got closer to the 40 week mark I started seeing the doctor more often and started to have pelvic exams to see if I was dilated any. First check was at 37weeks, nothing. Second check at 38 weeks, nothing. Third check at 40 weeks, nothing! At my 40 week appointment my doctor looked at us disappointed and said “well I was really hoping you’d be at least three centimeters but you’re at zero still.” Frustrated and now a little upset I asked what our options were. Initially I was really wanting to have a vaginal birth but with Rhea being so big there were some serious risks. Also at that point I was more than ready to have her out and in my arms. After speaking with our doctor some more Tevin and I agreed that a c-section was the route we needed to take. We scheduled it for the next day. 

We got home and called our family to let them know that Rhea was making her entrance the next afternoon. Excitement flooded both Tevin and I. It felt like we had been waiting forever for her to come and now she was actually going to be here. We packed our bag when we got home and double checked her car seat base and car seat. I hardly slept that night because I was so excited. I laid in bed for a while taking in the final moments of being able to feel my little baby inside my tummy. Her kicks and punches. Every jump I had felt for 40 weeks all leading up to this. It was so crazy to think that the next day I would be holding my beautiful Rhea in my arms. 

Interested in how my c-section went? Check out my birthing blog post where I tell you all about it! Comment below with your pregnancy symptoms and how you dealt with it. Or let me know if your delivery plans changed and how it went. 

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