The “I’m pregnant“ dream.
Our pregnancy announcement

The “I’m pregnant“ dream.

Which one of y’all remembers your dreams? Let me know, because I sure don’t. Tevin hardly ever does and if he happens to then it’s just pieces. Or “I think that was it”. Well one morning Tevin and I get up and he starts to tell me about this dream he has. He explains how we were in the car on the way to Irving to see his mom. For those of you who don’t know his mother passed away in December. So he continues, we’re in the car and he turns to me and says “I cant believe you’re already 3 moths pregnant. They’ll be able to tell now, you’re starting to show.” Then we keep driving. So he tells me this dream and all I can think about is how that is super detailed and how he never remembers his dreams so that’s weird. 

We eat some breakfast and Tevin tells me he’s going to go to the gym. I’m like yeah sure sounds good trying to act as normal as possible while freaking out in my head now thinking I’m pregnant. So he goes to the gym and what do I do? I rush to HEB to get a pregnancy test of course! Well actually I bought three. I had never been pregnant before and thought maybe they aren’t always right. It doesn’t hurt to have a second opinion. Or a third. 

I get home to take the test before Tevin comes back from the gym and sit there for what definitely feels like longer than three minutes. So three minutes is up and I’m sitting there staring at the damn thing like it didn’t turn up two clear blue lines the moment my pee hit the stick. Swear. The second line popped up so fast I wasn’t even done peeing yet! But i thought to myself naaaah that’s not right, so i waited the three minutes for it to change….it didn’t. It was POSITIVE. I bought three though remember. Obviously it broken so i take the other two. Second one is maybe positive maybe negative. I couldn’t tell. Third is a clear positive. 

Tevin gets home while I’m waiting for the third one to finish. And after silently freaking out in the bathroom for 5 minutes I walk out to the living room. Tevin is sitting on the couch just watching some tv and I walk up to him saying “remember that dream you told me about this morning?” He looks at me confused like obviously he does he just told me this morning. So I continue, “well…” while pulling the positive pregnancy test out from behind my back and handing it to him. He looks at the test, looks at me, looks at the test, then again at me. He asks me if it’s positive so I point out the plus sign and he starts smiling really big and nervous laughing. We both are nervous laughing now and I’m trying to explain how I took three test and I couldn’t tell if one was positive or negative so I think I need to go to the doctors and have my pee tested. We both agree to that, even though we know I’m pregnant. Big lol. Anyways I find a clinic not too far from our house that does free pregnancy tests. I scheduled the test for the next day because that’s all they had available. 

I get off the phone from scheduling and Tevin and I talk about what happens if I am pregnant and how we’re feeling. We both decide that if I am pregnant than we are excited about it. Happy, nervous, and excited. The next day comes and guess what, I’m still very much pregnant. So it’s officially official. I get home and share the good news with Tevin. Of course there is some sadness around this because Tevin had just lost his mother and was still very much dealing with the loss. But as soon as he knew we were having a baby he couldn’t wait to call up his family. We called and FaceTimed all of our immediate family who were all incredibly happy and excited for us. After telling everyone I could tell Tevin was upset about not being able to tell his mom and share this exciting news with her. I reminded him why I took the test in the first place, his dream. We both knew that his mom was talking to him through that dream and how happy and supportive she would be for us. 

Tevin and I are lucky to have such an incredible support system and are so thankful to be able to have the opportunity to share such a happy life changing moment with them.


I know not everyone is as lucky as I am to have a loving husband and supportive family. If you aren’t and are struggling just know you are not alone and there are resources out there for you. Below is the planned parenthood website, which has STD testing, birth control, morning after, and abortion options. I’ve also listed the domestic abuse website/hotline. Remember, you are strong, not alone and have resources should you need them. Your body your choice. 1-800-799-7233

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  1. Loved reading this! cried the whole time!

    1. Awe! We love you!

  2. This was amazing thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to meet my little cousin.

    1. Thank you! Soon hopefully!

  3. Great read … go Cynthia you’re on the way to becoming an author

    1. Thank you Portia! So glad you enjoyed it.

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