SANTA! I know him!

SANTA! I know him!

Our Children’s House Dallas (OCHD) is a fantastic children’s rehabilitation center here in the DFW that our goddaughter Kinsley happens to be staying at right now. Her momma, Lauren, told us about their annual Christmas tree lighting celebration and it just sounded like a perfect time to get Kinsley and Rhea together so of course we had to go. A few days before the celebration I picked up matching dresses for the girls at Old Navy. That place is one of my favorites if I am looking for a brand new outfit for Rhea. Cheap and cute!

Once we arrived at OCHD we met Lauren, Jory, and baby K in their room. Once baby K was ready we headed off downstairs to meet Santa and one of his reindeer! It was the most adorable thing seeing both Kinsley and Rhea on Santa’s lap. Tevin took Rhea over to see the reindeer which I loved, Rhea didn’t care too much for it…she is only 2 months old 😉. OCHD also provided hot chocolate and snacks. You better believe I got myself a large cup of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and immediately burnt my entire mouth and throat drinking it. Oh well. After meeting Santa and his reindeer I took Rhea inside to nurse for a few minutes while Lauren set up baby K so she could eat too. After the girls were done it was time for the tree lighting. We went outside where there was a saxophonist playing Christmas tunes just beautifully. Side note, I played saxophone in middle school and have absolutely loved the way it sounds since then. Baby K fell asleep during the tree lighting so we all went up to her room afterwards. Lauren and I walked around the floor talking while she pushed Kinsley in the stroller and I bounced Rhea in my arms. After about 20 minutes Rhea knocked out too. It was a long fun day for her. We met the guys back at the room and after a little bit of conversation we said our goodbyes and Tevin and I headed back home. We were so thankful Our Children’s House Dallas hosted an event open to family and friends because it really gave us all a time to hang out and do something to get us in the Christmas spirit. We cant wait until Kinsley is home so we can get the girls together again to make ornaments! Be on the look out for some more Christmas time fun. For now enjoy these super cute pics of Rhea and her bestie Kinsley.

Comment below with your Santa photos. Did baby love it or hate it?

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