Before you have a baby everyone tells you they grow so fast and to cherish every moment. When I look back at Rheas newborn pictures it is seriously mind blowing how fast she has grown. From physical growth to her mental growth. I can honestly say I will be one of those parents telling new parents to cherish every moment because IT IS TRUE. They grow up so fast.

I do have a separate blog post for Rheas milestones but this one I am going to talk about is so big it deserves its own post. If you’re interested in everything she’s doing and milestones she’s reaching then head on over to our “milestone” blog post after reading this one. Okay okay back to our regular scheduled programming.

You guys!! Rhea is rolling over! It is definitely her new favorite trick. She first rolled over on the 6th from her back to her tummy and then from her tummy to her back. We were so surprised and so excited about it. We cheered so hard for her and she had the biggest smile. She didn’t roll over again for a few days but then had decided to roll over for Tevin! I was in the restroom listening to him say “come on baby this way, keep coming, come on roll to me.” I stepped out of the restroom to peak but careful not to distract her and sure enough she rolled from her back to her tummy again!

She started trying to roll over more and more and now as soon as she is laid onto her back she rolls on over to her belly. She is a pro back to belly roller. She has only rolled from belly to back a handful of times so were still working on that. Now that she’s a rolling girl we can no longer swaddle. I know, I know, tear 😢. We have been swaddling her since day one. It has really helped with her Moro reflex and just keeping her feeling cozy and comforted. We use the Love to Dream swaddle and have grown from size small to size medium. Since Rhea is a roller she needs her arms free to lift her face up if needed. Love to Dream does have a transition swaddle where you can unzip the arms one at a time if you want to slowly transition. We decided to switch it up and chose to go with the Nested Bean sleep sack. Rhea has just started using this sleep sack so stay tuned for our review.

Now that she is damn good at rolling over we can put her to sleep on her tummy. For all the parent police out there, I checked with her pediatrician before I put her on her tummy. With this new sleep sack and her being able to lay on her tummy I am really hopping she gets some good sleep. Who am I kidding, I hope I get some good sleep!

It has been so amazing to see our little girl grow I cant wait to see what she does next! Enjoy this montage of her rolling over from back to tummy! I’m sure we’ll have tummy to back mastered soon enough.

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