Rheas first Christmas

Rheas first Christmas

As you already know, if you read our last blog, we were in Austin with my side of the family for Christmas this year. We celebrated with Tevins family before we left for Austin though. Family came over to our place and we exchanged presents and hung out for a bit. For Christmas Day, we spent it at my aunt Jocys house. We arrived around 2pm and hung out with everyone before opening gifts. Rhea did pretty well on the short 20 minute drive there but pooped when we were about 5 minutes away. As soon as we arrived I took her to the back room to change her. She was a very happy baby once she was out of her car seat and had a clean diaper. Rhea enjoyed spending time with her family and it was a nice little break for Tevin and my arms. When Rhea couldn’t hang anymore she took a nap. One of her naps was through the entire time of present unwrapping. It’s okay though because she’s a baby and can’t unwrap anything anyway. Tevin and I enjoyed doing it for her and seeing all the fun new stuff she now has. Of course she had a gift from just about everyone and this girl got some fun stuff! She has already used a tummy time giraffe pillow because anything to make her tummy time more bearable will be used ASAP. She has some adorable new bows and bibs. Some fun sensory toys and two pairs of perfect little mermaid shoes. She also got some cute clothes and a new teething necklace. I will let you know how that works out in a future baby products review blog post.

For the past several years on my side of the family we started doing a secret Santa type of Christmas. There are so many of us that instead of buying something for everyone we each get randomly assigned a family member and we purchase gifts for them with a spending limit. This year we used the app Elfster to help out. (This is not sponsored but just an honest opinion of the app.) It was super easy to use and very helpful. There is a “wishlist” section where you can add whatever items you want from any site. Anyone can ask you questions about yourself or things you like or want. It also lets you mark off items that have been bought and while everyone in the secret Santa group can see the bought item, the person it was bought for cannot. I think this app will be super helpful in the future for birthdays as well. Anyways, so before we started opening gifts we each said out loud who we had for our secret Santa. Tevin and I got some amazing gifts and Tevin has already put to good use several of his.

We loved seeing how excited everyone was while opening their gifts. I always take moments to look around at everyone opening because I just love seeing their faces light up. It was such a fun and special Christmas this year after such a hard one last year. I am so thankful for all of Tevins and my family for making sure Rhea had an amazing first Christmas. We love everyone so much and maybe next year both sides of the family will be able to get together for the Christmas holiday. ❤️

Comment below and let us know how your Christmas went. Any favorite gifts? What was the most special part?

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  1. I laughed out loud at, ‘she’s a baby and can’t unwrap anything anyway.’ Thank you for sharing💗💗💗

    1. Aye it’s true. I can’t wait until she can do it on her own so I can see the excitement on her face but for now I’ll keep enjoying the unwrapping.

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