Rhea went to Rosas!

Rhea went to Rosas!

Yesterday we went out to our first restaurant since having Rhea. We were treated by grandma Tina and I was excited to get out of the house to eat. I was also really nervous about how Rhea was going to do. She hates being in her car seat and is too little to sit in a chair right now. Tevin and I decided one of us would hold her while the other ate. We went to Rosa’s and if you have never been then I suggest you go. If not for the food then just for the tortillas. Ugh, they are delicious, and you can order them to take home! Rhea really enjoyed looking at all the art and different colors that were around the restaurant. Her little head was on a swivel checking everything out. After eating Tevin and I both agreed it had gone much better than expected. Rhea only fussed one time and that was because she was hungry but other than that she did so well. With that being said I still have some anxiety about going out with her.

Rhea is only 9 weeks old so I feel like my anxiety around going out with her is ridiculous. I can’t expect to have a perfect trip out every time. That’s insane. She’s a baby, but I still get nervous thinking about her crying when we’re out and being judged that I’m not a good mother. There is so much that goes through my head every time we go out. What if she screams the whole way there? What if we get into a car accident? What if she has a blow out? Did I pack enough diapers, wipes, clothes? All of these worries are stronger when I think about going out without Tevin. I haven’t done that yet because of how nervous I get. If you have any suggestions for how to get over it and just go out with baby please comment below. Rhea did a great job when we were out though so it did give me more confidence to take her out again.

The car rides are a different story. Rhea hates being in her car seat and usually cries when getting strapped in. She also cries when we get in the car and it is very difficult to soothe her. I have toys hanging from her car seat, a mirror attached to it and I play white noise through my phone but sometimes it still doesn’t help her. On the way there she cried a bit but I was able to soothe her. She was tired from being out at Rosas so she fell asleep when we were on our way home. We hit some traffic though and she woke up very upset. She cried for a good 30 minutes and it made me want to cry. It honestly gave me such a headache and was making me annoyed with everything else around me. I also felt so guilty for feeling that way because I know she was just so upset and nothing I was doing was helping her. I just hate seeing her so upset, it hurts my heart. Eventually we made it home and I was able to take Rhea out of her seat and calm her down. She nursed and was a much happier baby now that she wasn’t confined to her seat. She bounced and danced with her Daddy and then took a much needed nap.

Please comment below if you have any suggestions on how to get or keep baby chill through car rides and while being in the car seat.

Update: I went to swim class on Sunday with Rhea and WITHOUT Tevin. I drove. I was definitely nervous but she actually did not do too bad. She was content when we first got into the car and she played with her pacifier and looked at her toys. Rhea doesn’t actually take a mamon/paci, she just plays with it. She only screamed for a few minutes before becoming too tired and falling asleep. We have a mirror on the head rest in the back seat so I can see her sweet little face while looking in the rear. It can be distracting and take some getting used to when driving so just be careful of that but I love it. I was checking my rear view to look at her throughout the drive. We were a little late to swim but she loved it and did a great job, again. I am so proud of her! I nursed Rhea before getting into the car in hopes that she would be calm for the car ride home but she fell asleep while eating and was not happy to be put into her car seat. I have figured it would be a waste of time to take her out of her seat to soothe her since she would start crying again as soon as she’s strapped in so instead I decided to just start the drive. The sooner I started driving the sooner we got home and I could taker her out of her seat. She only cried for about 7 minutes before falling asleep again. I was pretty proud of myself for going and for driving alone with out Tevin. I’m not sure if she cries longer when I am in the back because she can see me and excepts me to take her out of her seat so I think I may try sitting in the front seat next time we go somewhere together with Tevin. If she’s super crazy of course I can hop in the back and try to soothe her. Anyways, we are planning on heading to Austin for Christmas so I am still very much open to suggestions to make trips easier for all of us.

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