Quarantine activities for littles

Quarantine activities for littles

Being cooped up in your house for long periods of time is not ideal for most. For those of you bored at home worried about keeping your little ones entertained here are some options.

1. Paint/color: get out that box of crayons or paint and lay out some paper. Give the kids some options to draw/paint or let them free draw. Give your kiddo an art challenge, have them draw a masterpiece using only one or two shapes. Then have them draw a masterpiece using only one or two colors! You can also have them practice painting their name. For those with very little ones like my Rhea, you can put a piece of paper in a large ziplock baggie with some paint inside and let your little crawl around on it to create their own masterpiece.

2: Play games! Hide and seek, tag, Simon says, twister, hopscotch. Dont have a twister board? Make your own! Use colored paper to cut out some colored circles and tape them to the floor. BOOM! Twister. Dont have chalk for hopscotch, use masking or painters tape. Have an egg race. Set up obstacles for your littles to get around while balancing their egg on a spoon. Play keep the balloon afloat! Start with one balloon and then add another and another. Play animal walks. Write a bunch of different animals on different pieces of paper, throw them into a hat, have each kiddo choose one, and then have him or her walk across the classroom while pretending to walk like the chosen animal and see how long it takes the rest of the family to figure out what the animal is.

3: Have your kids work out with you. Set a timer and see who can do the most jumping jacks without stopping. Leg lifts are a great exercise for restless kids! Have each child stand sideways behind a chair and, using the chair for support, have them lift their legs up with their knees at a 90-degree angle. Try varying the length of time it takes them to raise and lower their legs (5 counts up, 5 counts down), and then see if they can balance for a count of 10 without holding onto the chair. For those of you with little littles you can wear or hold them while you work out. It is an added weight for you and they will enjoy all the movements.

4: Have any hoola hoops? Now is a great time to see who can hoola hoop the longest. If you have a little little turn your hoola hoop into a sensory ring. Tie different ribbons and towels around it. Add some rattles and other objects as well.

5: Set up your own skee ball. All you need is some cardboard boxes, masking tape, laundry baskets and balls.

6: Golf fanatic? Set up an indoor golf course! Or practice your aim.

7: Fill up some water jugs 1/4 of the way and tape the top. Tape some paper on the floor around the house and have your toddler move the water jugs from one spot to another.

8: Have a dance party. Spend 30 minutes dancing it out to all kinds of music.

9: Build a fort! Sheet and chair fort, Cardboard fort. Have camping gear camp in the back yard.

10: Water play! Play in the tub or get out the sprinklers. Get a bucket big enough for baby to comfortably sit in, fill with water and let them splash around while out on the balcony/patio. Open up your windows if you don’t have any yard options just to get some fresh air circulating.

11: Read to your littles or let your littles read to you.

12: Play with bubbles. (It can make your floors sticky so lay down a sheet if playing indoors)

13: Dont be afraid of screen time. It is okay to let your little play some ipad/computer games or watch a few shows.

14: Let your kids be bored. Bored kids are innovative and will find a way to entertain themselves. Let their imagination run wild and you’ll be surprised with what they can come up with.

I will be posting photos on our Instagram with things we are doing to stay sane and keep boredom at bay so follow us if you aren’t already @arheasunshineblog. Remember to keep washing your hands and sanitizing your doorknobs, light switches and toys. Dont forget to wipe down your phones and keyboards as well! Stay isolated and follow CDC guidelines if you’re showing any symptoms. If you have any other ideas for play leave them in the comments for your fellow readers who are stuck in quarantine. Let us know how you and your family are dealing with this.

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