Postpartum hair loss rant

Postpartum hair loss rant

PSA: If you don’t want to see the amount of hair I lose on a daily basis don’t scroll all the way down….there are photos. Also, the main photo is before I was pregnant with Rhea so you can compare my hair from then to now.

Around this time last year I remember talking with my sister about her postpartum hair loss. She mentioned how she was starting to have a bald spot from the amount of hair she was losing and how it was affecting her confidence. My sister has always switched her hair up whether it was color or cut. She’s had blue hair, black hair, blonde hair, dreads, and even no hair (she shaved it off). I personally think she can rock any hair style. Anyways she was feeling really down about her hair loss and I felt for her. I wasn’t going through it yet and didn’t know how bad it could be but I knew she was upset about it and it upset me.

Fast forward to today. It has been four months since I had Rhea and the hair loss is REAL! I have been losing so much hair I noticed the hair line near my temples are receding. I have also noticed my hair is much much thinner at the back center of my head like where your ponytail goes. I have always had a very full thick head of hair. It’s so thick when I get it cut I get it thinned out and it barley makes a difference. Now, I put my hair up with a scrunchie because I am worried about my chongo pulling out too much of my hair. Did I mention, my scrunchie pulls out my hair! A SCRUNCHIE! I lose so much hair every day it is insane. Done even get me started on my hair loss in the shower. Brushing my hair is a pain too. I have to clear the brush out at least two times. My hair isn’t healthy either. It used to be so soft and shiny and now its dead and dry dry dry.

This hair loss has really messed with my confidence. I totally feel for my sister way more now that I am actually going through it. Is it not enough that my body is already different, now my hair is falling out? Isn’t that just the cherry on top. It is so frustrating and saddening whenever I find my hair on my pillow or in my scrunchie or even in Rheas hand cause she ran it through my hair. I don’t wear my hair down because one, it is very long which means Rhea enjoys pulling it and grabbing at it and two, it is hot! I’m hotter than normal after having Rhea so I don’t need my hair down making me even hotter.

After reading through some articles I am going to continue my prenatals to see if that will help with the hair loss. The hair loss is supposed to dwindle down around 6 months to a year but it really depends on the person. For example, my sister still has some hair loss and her son is 17 months old. I may try a biotin pill to see how that helps out as well. I will continue to use my scrunchie to put my hair up and I also have a hair mask to try to get some moisture back into my lifeless mane. Also, I am back and forth on cutting and dyeing my hair because I am worried that it may cause more hair loss and dryness. Since my grandpa is a hairstylist I will probably consult with him before making a decision. I think that getting my hair done would boost my confidence so I’m leaning towards doing it. I‘ll keep y’all updated. Anyways if you struggled with postpartum hair loss let me know in the comments how it made you feel and if you found anything that helped.


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