Our first thanksgiving
Turkey Rhea with her turkey grandpa

Our first thanksgiving

Usually Tevin and I alternate holidays we spend in Austin and DFW. Tevin and I decided to stay in DFW for thanksgiving this year and go to Austin for Christmas. So my baby girl had her first thanksgiving here! It was also my first time hosting a thanksgiving. The night before I had tried to prepare as much as I could that way I wouldn’t be spending the whole day in the kitchen rather than with my baby and family. I prepared green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, cranberry sauce, pumpkin cheesecake, deviled eggs, jalapeño poppers, and ham all the night before. My grandmother in law brought a Cajun Popeyes turkey, if you haven’t ever had one watch out cause its spicy! She also brought the dressing #thankful. The morning of Tevin has a traditional turkey bowl game he plays with a group of friends, so I finished up the food with baby Rhea. I made a pumpkin pie, peach cobbler, mashed potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts and carrots, and heated all the food I had prepared the night before.

In case you haven’t hosted a thanksgiving before I suggest keeping a master list of all the items you intend on making. I kept a master list with the ingredients for each item underneath. When I went grocery shopping I just checked off each ingredient then when I got all the ingredients checked off I erased them from the list and just kept the main items. When I was done actually preparing the item then I checked it off my master list. I did all this and still missed the gravy though 🤦🏽‍♀️. I have a baby though so that’s my excuse.

Tevin, Rhea and I went with his grandma the day before thanksgiving to get “matching” outfits. I spent some time finding a cute dress for Rhea and matching mine and Tevins shirts to the colors on her dress. We looked so cute on thanksgiving day! We were going to eat around 2pm so we got dressed around noon. Tevin had asked me then if we wanted to get a family picture before or after dinner. I thought it would be easier to take it after dinner so we waited. While waiting Rhea threw up on herself and on me several times, and just ended up having a pretty cranky day. I think she was overwhelmed by everyone and just over tired since she has FOMO (fear of missing out). Everyone caught the itis after eating and was just relaxing or napping in the living room. Grandma and uncle Zack had to leave early since grandma works retail she had to get back home to rest before her Black Friday shift. Also I’d like to add everyone enjoyed my food and I am really proud of myself. 💁🏽‍♀️

Rhea was exhausted after we all ate so I spent some time putting her to sleep. She finally fell asleep in my arms so we both took a nap. Yes I slept with her in my arms, judge me. I make sure she can breathe and wont fall out of my arms for all the #mompolice out there. After a good nap we got up to hang out with Tevin in the living room. While hanging out we realized we hadn’t taken a photo all day! Rhea was in a good mood so we decided to take one even though we were exhausted. No one was home so we propped up the iPad and put it on a timer. Enjoy the picture below. This was literally the only picture we took. I definitely regret not taking more throughout the day especially of family with Rhea. I know she wont remember these days so I want to have photos to show her in the future of all her firsts. I’ll be taking more during Christmas and all her upcoming holidays for sure.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Thompsons, glowing eyes and all.

I ‘d like to know how your baby’s first thanksgiving went so comment below with pictures or stories!

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