New Milestones

New Milestones

7 MONTHS! You guys, Rhea is now 7 months old! HOW? Every month seems to fly by and when the 24th comes around I can’t believe Rhea is another month older and closer to 1 year. She does something new every day and has shown me and her dada so much love.

Rhea is crawling around, well she inch worms. She uses her arms so much and usually just one leg, which is why I say she inchworms. Rhea loves to babble and I swear she’s said “momma” and “dada”! Okay okay so she just says “mamamamama” and “da! da!” not really knowing what it means yet but she’s getting close! She also enjoys “ba! ba! ba!” and of course just squealing. Like I mentioned earlier Rhea uses her arms mainly to pull herself around the floor so it wasn’t surprising when she started pulling herself up on things a few weeks ago. The couch, the dining room chairs, her jumper, and me are just some of her favorite things to use to pull herself into the standing position. We all think Rhea will be walking sooner than later so don’t be surprised if you see a video of it soon! (Follow our instagram to keep up @arheasunshineblog)

If you’ve kept up with us then you know Rhea hates her carseat which made our stroller walks not so fun. Now that Rhea can fully sit up by herself and is big enough she can sit in the stroller chair! She looks so stinking cute in the chair with her long legs hanging down. Rhea now very much so enjoys out stroller walks which makes me enjoy them! Rhea likes saying hello to our neighbors and checking on duke during our daily walks. No more screaming, crying and kicking. It is so much fun now.

FOOD! You guys Rhea has been obsessed with our food since Thanksgiving. Now remember she was born in September so she was only two months old when Tevin and I really noticed how interested she was in our food. She tried reaching for it and would stare so hard at our plates. Recently she has been eating baby purees made by moi, and also Gerber baby snacks. Rhea has tried roasted carrots, roasted sweet potatoes and a spinach and strawberry mix. In her mesh pacifier she has had the opportunity to try strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, apples, and oranges. All have been a win except for the apples which she through up shortly after. We have not tried apples again since then but will probably do so soon. Rhea loves her Gerber yogurt melts with are peach flavored and melt in her mouth and also loves her Gerber teething wafers that are spinach, strawberry, and apple flavored. Those melt in her mouth too. I have to break the wafer up into small pieces though because if not she tries to stick the entire thing in her mouth. We have also been practicing drinking water out of her tiny cup. She is not a fan.

Since day one Tevin and I have been rocking and bouncing Rhea to sleep for her naps and for her bedtime sleep. I really enjoy holding her in my arms and watching her sweet little face doze off. She slept great for her naps and for her bedtime sleep but around four months old Rhea started waking up about every 30 min – one hour to nurse and just be held. It has been exhausting having to co-sleep and be her pacifier. I was 100% against co-sleeping because it can be extremely dangerous so every night I was half asleep half awake making sure she was safe. This was unfortunately the only way Rhea would sleep, until this week. Tevin and I agreed to start sleep teaching which has been so hard but also rewarding. I have read, well listened to thanks to audible, “Solve your child’s sleep problems” by Richard Ferber and have been applying his techniques to sleep teaching Rhea. We don’t let her “cry it out” because that is just toooooooo hard for us. I strongly believe that it is wrong and harmful to let your baby just cry for hours on end without trying to soothe which is why we do the Ferber Method. Rheas sound machine gets turned on and the blinds and curtains closed, then we place her in sleep blanket and then lay her down in her crib while she is still awake. We leave the room and then check on and soothe her after three minutes, leave the room again and then check on and soothe her after five minutes, leave the room and then check on and soother her after ten minutes. There is no more adding time after the ten minute mark. Each time we check on her we wait just ten minutes until the next time we check on her. Today is the third day of doing this and now I only have to go in maybe two – three times before she puts herself to sleep. She does really well now putting herself to sleep for her naps and for her bedtime. She still hasn’t slept through the entire night but we’ve gotten a five and a half hour stretch and that’s a win for us! I know she will get the hang of this and before we know it she will be able to put herself to sleep and sleep the entire night.

Rhea shows us how amazing and strong she is every day and Tevin and I are so grateful to be her parents and be able to see and share every moment with her. Enjoy these photos of our crazy bebe.

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  1. She looks so much like you in the pictures on the couch in the pink bow! 🥰

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