Mmm Mmm Tamales

Mmm Mmm Tamales

It’s tamale season!! I have never made a tamale in my life but I have eaten hundreds, maybe thousands of them. I love tamales and I wish it was always tamale season. My granny has made tamales around this time of year every year and now that me and granny both live in the DFW area I figured it was about time I learned how to make them myself. So last night Rhea and I headed over to granny’s to learn the art of tamale making.

When we arrived my granny helped me unload Rhea and her stuff. If you don’t have a baby then let me tell you, traveling even if for a day with a baby brings a lot of extra stuff with you. After unloading we chatted while granny held and played with Rhea. I’m so glad Rhea enjoyed being held by Granny. The last time they met she only tolerated being held for a few minutes before she wanted me or Tevin. She definitely enjoyed it this time though.

Once she got a little fussy I strapped her into our baby carrier (I will be reviewing this carrier in a separate blog post!). Granny had made the masa and the husks were already soft from sitting in water for a while. Let me explain a little more in case you don’t know anything about a tamale. A tamale is a corn masa wrapped around a filling and then steamed in a corn husk. Some people don’t flavor their masa, to each their own. We flavored our masa with a red chili mix and salt. While I was there we made about 6 dozen bean tamales and 6 dozen beef tamales. The pork still had an hour to cook by the time we got through the first 10 pounds of masa so we didn’t get to those. We finished around 6pm and Rhea was starting to get fussy. She has FOMO (fear of missing out) so whenever we are somewhere new or have company she refuses to nap or naps for 10 minutes. You can imagine how sleepy she was by 6pm so we packed up, said our goodbyes and headed home.

If you’ve read some of my previous blogs then you know Rhea hates her car seat. She was asleep when I put her in her seat but as soon as I started strapping her in she started crying. Poor baby was so tired and so upset she was in her seat she cried almost the whole way home. If you’re asking yourself why I don’t pull over to calm her it’s because it is a waste of time to pull over, take her out of her seat and calm her only to have her start crying as soon as she is put back in her seat. She has been doing a little bit better in the car but it is still not a perfect, wonderful ride. Anyways, once we made it home she chilled out and fell fast asleep. Tevin and I enjoyed some tamales and now that I know how to make them it’s tamale season all year long in the Thompson household! I am so grateful for my granny and am so thankful for finally learning the art of tamale making.

Comment below if you’ve never tried tamales or if you love them!

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