Maternity/Newborn photo shoot

Maternity/Newborn photo shoot

In college I met a woman, Kelsey. Kelsey is a fun, kind, and beautiful person who happens to also take amazing photographs. I just knew I needed to contact her about taking my maternity photos. She responded quickly and we set a time and place to meet up. We met at a park in the DFW area. It was more of a walking trail but was good for the nature look I was going for. I was not very confident when it came to posing for the pictures but Kelsey kindly directed me through different poses. I just told her whatever she needed me to do I’d do it. She made sure I was comfortable in each pose and even held a towel up around me while I changed outfits. We didn’t take too long taking the photos because it was 90 degrees out and I was about 6.5 months pregnant. After our shoot Kelsey had my edited pictures ready and sent to me within a day! I had such a great experience with her and am still so in love with my pictures. She captured my baby bump so perfectly.

When Rhea was two weeks old I called up Kelsey again and asked her to take Rhea’s newborn pictures. I really wanted to capture Rhea as a little baby before her looks started to change. Even though she started changing the minute she was brought home. It’s true what they say, they really do grow up so fast! I’m so glad I had Kelsey come when she did. She was great and was able to take our photos in our living room! Check them out below.

Isn’t she perfect! I cant wait to have these hanging on our wall soon. Check out Kelseys IG page @alittlewhimsyphoto.

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