First foods

First foods

Giving your little one their first food can be stressful. Rice, oats, purees. There are so many things out there for baby to try where do you begin. And when do you begin? Some things to think about before you give baby their first foods are whether or not your baby is holding their head up? Baby should have good head control before trying solids. Does your baby open her mouth when food is brought towards her or does she reach for your food? These are just some things to consider before feeding solids to baby. After speaking with our pediatrician during Rheas 4 month check up he determined she was ready to try some solids. Let me say that again, our pediatrician suggested that Rhea was ready to try some solids…. I wasn’t so sure yet. Yes Rhea can hold her head up just fine and has been reaching and staring at our food since she was about 2 and half months old but it made me nervous! For one, what if the food upset her tummy? What if she had horrible diarrhea because of it? What if she loved the food and didn’t want to breastfeed anymore and I lost that sacred bond we have?! A few days later while I was grocery shopping I walked up to the baby food isle and decided she was ready to try some solids. Tevin was on board during the 4 month appointment so he and Rhea were just waiting on me.

Rhea is now five months old and has officially had her first solid food. Well, “solid”. We gave her Gerber organic oats mixed with some breast milk. We decided to go with the baby oats first before trying actual veggies or fruits since it is what our pediatrician recommended. According to the packaging of our Gerber organic oats she is supposed to get 1tbs with 4-5tbs of breastmilk. Since this was her first go around I opted to give her 1/2 tbs of oats with 4tbs of breastmilk, which is why I’m calling that a “solid” food. It was very liquid but I wanted it to be easy for Rhea to swallow. She seemed to enjoy it however she wasn’t swallowing the food. She was just sort of chipmunking it and storing it in her cheeks. I know she was enjoying it though because she was yelling at me to hurry up and give her more. She was also trying to grab the spoon and bowl from me and pull them into her mouth. It got a bit messy but it was so fun watching her be so excited. After that first try we gave her a couple weeks before attempting again. This second time she got it down. She ate a whole bowl of baby oats and wanted more! Since then we’ve fed her oats several more times and I am now giving her the recommended ratio. It is not as watery and she loves it! Now I’m so excited for her to start trying other foods. Of course I am nervous to how she will react to other foods but our little girl has always been a great eater, from the moment she was placed on my chest. I know she is going to enjoy trying new foods and Tevin and I can’t wait to help her through all the new flavors.

Tevin and I are planning to make our own baby foods for now. Depending on how that goes will determine if we continue making it in the future or not. Any parents out there have any tips about making your own baby food?? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. She’s grown so much since this post even! 😩

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