Elementor #927
11 months old!

Elementor #927


You guys! I know its been several months since I’ve posted and there is no excuse. I mean, I do have an almost one year old who is running around the house all day long so thats my excuse. But I know yall miss your Rhea updates so lets get back to it. Rhea is 11 months old now! She is 32 inches tall and weighs 21 pounds. Her hair is growing longer every day and she is finally sitting still enough for me to brush her edges. Well, maybe I am just getting faster at it. She has been walking since about 9 months and just recently learned how to walk backwards. She very much enjoys backing slowly into things. Rhea has 8 teeth and enjoys eating all types of foods. Her favorite fruits are blueberries and banana. She is starting to appreciate veggies more but she doesn’t like meat too much. She will usually throw it off of her tray and into Dukes mouth. Also, she loves water! Rhea drinks from her EzPz Tiny cup like a pro now, although sometimes she likes to pour her water out onto Dukes patiently waiting back. Rhea doesn’t have a favorite toy yet but she is a pro at stacking her wooden ring stacker toy. She is growing fonder of her new special hand made dolly and she is easily entertained but her music making toys. She is understanding so much more now too. Tevin and I can tell her to go get something and she will get it. We can ask her to pick up something and put it somewhere else and she will! Not for everything okay, but for some things! I love asking her “where is your _____” and seeing if she understands what I am asking or not. She babbles a lot back and forth with us and loves trying to copy the sounds Tevin and I make. I go back and forth with Rhea getting her to attempt letter sounds when pronouncing words and it is just the cutest! However, almost everything is “dada”, “dad”, “da”, or “daddy” right now. Go ahead, ask me how I feel about that. *EYE ROLL*. I just made her in my womb for 10 months but its okay, everything is dada. It’s fine, I’m fine. Rhea still loves her mesh pacifier that we use daily for ice and frozen fruit. She also loves her frozen teething keys and knows exactly where they are. When I ask “Would you like your keys? Where are your keys?” she will go straight to the freezer door pointing and yelling “Bah! Dah! Baaah!” Lmao. Rhea is so so good about not putting things she finds on the floor into her mouth. If she finds something small on the floor she will usually bring it me or show me first before she tries to eat it. If its trash I’ll tell her “oh thats trash, thank you!” and she will respond with either “ah?” (trash) or she’ll try to put it into her mouth before I can grab it from her hands. Rhea totally loves to dance and will bounce up and down as soon as some good tunes get going. Because of Covid still being pretty present we have not been able to see much family but we FaceTime at least one family member every day. Rhea now wants to hold the phone when she hears the FaceTime start ringing and she will yell at me until I let her. This is definitely something I can’t stand but I give in so I don’t have a baby yelling into my ear while I’m trying to talk to someone. She likes to look very closely at the camera and show whoever is on the phone around the house and floor. She also knows how to hold the phone up to her ear to talk. The first time she did this I cracked up. Its just so cute and I thought it was so crazy that she saw Tevin and I doing that and now she was doing it. It wasn’t something we sat down to teach her. She just picks up so much without us realizing, which is why were starting to watch our language around her. Back to family, like I said, we haven’t been able to see much family especially mine since we live 3.5 hours away but she has been able to see her great grandmas, great uncle and big cousin. She was very hesitant a few months ago about anyone holding her or coming near her but she has begun to really warm up to family which just warms my heart to see. She now plays with her big cousin and lets her great grandmas hold her. She even gives hugs out, sometimes. Rhea is just growing so fast yall. I know I’ve missed some stuff but this is enough for now. I can’t believe I will have a ONE YEAR OLD next month! Rhea is having a “berry sweet birthday” so stay tuned for a post and some pics about that. Thanks for checking our blog out and don’t forget to follow us on instagram for her daily stories. 

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