Boutique ambassador

Boutique ambassador

Through instagram, Rhea is a brand ambassador for Arrows and Lace boutique. What is a brand ambassador you ask, well for us this means that we make some purchases from this brand every month but also get a discount code to do so. We are also able to create our own discount code to offer to friends and family (arheasunshine20). Our code, if used by someone, will give them 20% off and give us a small commission. The boutique Rhea represents is the one where she gets almost all of her hair bows that you see in her photos from. As a brand ambassador I would be expected to give positive, glowing remarks to the brand but I like to give honest reviews. So lets start.

First things first, I LOVE these bows. Rhea got her bows as a gift and they are the best! The material is so soft and stretchy. It doesn’t pull Rheas hair out which is another major positive and the prints are super cute. For our actual first order I wanted to get something a little dressed up since I had a bridal shower to attend that Rhea was accompanying me to. We got this super cute little romper onesie. It is gray and ribbed and has an adorable little ruffle detail along the front. Also, it came with a matching bow! We also ordered some white and gray ribbed tights to go with it. The actual order didn’t take too long to arrive so that was a plus. The material was softer than I expected and the material of the onesie was quite stretchy. Both the onesie and tights are a little bit big so Rhea has some room to grow into them which I don’t mind. I also couldn’t help but get this leopard print jogger set. It is the cutest freaking thing! Again, soft and stretchy material but this one was rather thin. I got it for Rhea to wear on a cold day but because it was thin I just put her in it on a warmer windier day. This one is also a little big so she can still grow into it.

Our second order we ordered a pair of white ribbed socks and white ruffle socks that had some cute button and ribbon detailing on the back of them. This order took a little while longer to arrive but the owner of the boutique let us know that was going to happen and she was very apologetic about it. She realized some of the orders were not in stock and she offered refunds and gift cards to the boutique. The owner is a very lovely and kind woman who cares a lot about her buyers and she makes sure everyone is happy and satisfied with their orders. Back to our order! We received our package and unfortunately did not get what we ordered. I received some ruffle socks but they were missing the button and ribbon detailing. I also received a pair of white ribbed tights. Which I already had from the first order. I messaged the boutique owner who got back to me pretty quickly and offered me a gift card rather than having to send back the items. Of course I gladly accepted that! I’m telling y’all, this woman wants to make sure her customers are happy. Im going to be placing another order here in the next week so I’ll update this post with how that goes. For now I have been very pleased with my experience buying from Arrows and Lace Boutique. Even though we have had some issues the customer service has been phenomenal. If y’all are interested in buying anything click the link below and use our code arheasunshine20 for 20% off of your order. (:

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