Baby products review

Baby products review

Okay guys today I will be reviewing several baby products Tevin and I use regularly. We received so many amazing items for our baby girl during our baby shower and just wanted to give our opinions on them in case you are looking for anything, This post is not sponsored by any one it is just an honest review from me to you.

Let’s start with our glider. I love this thing. I have been sitting in it since the day we brought Rhea home. It is the Rowe Upholstered Manual Reclining Glider Recliner in dark gray. That’s a mouthful. It is a super cute chair y’all. When I first saw it I loved how the white trim gave it a more structured look. I also really liked the winged look on the back piece. The chair is a glider which means it rocks and swivels. I love that I am able to turn a complete 360 degrees while rocking. If I drop her blanket “behind” the chair I can fully turn around to pick it up all while staying in the chair! It is comfy and reclines very far back. The height is perfect for my husband who is 6’2. His head can rest comfortably against the back. Once reclined I will say that it is a little difficult to push the refined leg part back down. After my c-section I had to have Tevin help me close it every time I put my legs up. It got easier after I regained some leg muscle and healed up a bit. We also had a small issue with one of the arm rests cracking. Tevin leaned on top of the arm rest and the wood under the cushioning cracked. We called into Wayfair and they sent replacement parts within a couple days. Overall I am really happy with our purchase. Would rate 8/10.

Another item we use all the time is Rheas car seat. We have the Chicco Bravo Primo Trio Travel System which is the Chicco Fit2 car seat and stroller combo. I absolutely love this thing! The car seat has a stage 1 infant position and then a stage 2 toddler position. Which means we don’t have to buy a new car seat so soon once Rhea outgrows the infant stage. It is very safe and keeps Rhea cozy. No matter how much she hates being in it I know she is comfortable and safe. It came with one base so if you have two vehicles be sure to purchase a separate base. The base was super simple to install and I know its snug and not going anywhere. The car seat itself clicks into the base really easily and has a yellow handle on the back that you pull up to release from the base. Super simple and easy to use. Its not too heavy either. It comes with a newborn insert that kept Rhea so cozy for her first ride home. She grew out of that pretty quickly but it was easy to remove. The stroller was pretty easy to put together too. Tevin did it fairly quickly. It is really lightweight and folds together with a simple push and pull of two buttons. The stroller also stands up on its own so its easy to store. Overall we love this car seat stroller combo. Would rate 10/10.

Another item we use regularly is Rheas tummy time mat or activity gym. We have the Infantino twist and fold deluxe activity gym. We have the zoo animal one but this certain one isn’t available anymore but they have almost the exact one on their website still. The play mat has different toys that hang down to encourage reaching. It also has a musical mobile to encourage tracking. The mat comes with a pillow that I was using under Rheas head and chest for some tummy time help. She doesn’t use it too much anymore since she really enjoys laying on her side. It also has a mirror that I use all the time during play. I also move it to her car seat whenever we are going somewhere. The twist and fold method is used to fold the mat up so it stays clean during transport. I got this mat off of facebook market place for about $15 but it is originally $50. Would rate 7/10.

One more item I want to review today is out bassinet. Rhea has the HALO Bassinest Essentia Series Swivel Sleeper in Modern Lattice. It rotates a full 360 degrees so she can sleep right next to me but in her own space. The side wall lowers so it is easy for me to grab her when she needs a night feed. The walls are also made from mesh so I can see her fairly easily. This bassinet is really sturdy and heavy. It detaches easily into two parts so it is easier to move around if needed. Rhea can stay in the bassinet until she reaches 5 months, 20 lbs or can roll over/push up on her own, which ever comes first. I like this bassinet but really wish it was more portable. If the actual bassinet sleeping part was removable and able to be placed on a flat surface then this would be an 11/10 but since it doesn’t were gonna go with an 8/10.

I will be reviewing our Ergo baby carrier, diaper bag and some other baby products in a few days so be on the lookout for that post. Let me know if you use or have used any of these items with your little ones and what you thought of them.

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