Baby products review #2

Baby products review #2

Hello everyone! Rhea is now almost five months old so I figured we would do another product review since she is using different things now. Before we start, I am not sponsored by any of these products. These are honest reviews based on our experience with each product.

First I want to review our baby carrier. We have the Omni 360 baby carrier all in one cool air mesh in pearl grey. We LOVE this carrier. Rhea did not enjoy fabric baby carriers but enjoyed this carrier very much. The Omni 360 grows with baby and can go from 7-45 lbs. It provides lumbar support and the fabric is breathable for baby and parent. There is a nice size pouch that attaches to the front that I use to hold my phone and keys. The shoulder straps are really padded so my shoulders never hurt. Since Rhea is only 4 months old we have only tried the facing parent and facing out positions. Rhea really started to love being in the carrier once she was able to face outwards. She loves checking out the world and being involved so this is a perfect position for her. It is a bit difficult to see her face but If I just use my phone camera to check on her. Also, it is washable! I love this feature because I cant get sweaty while wearing the carrier but also Rhea likes to lick all over it and has thrown up and pooped on it. Being washable is a must! It is so comfortable and I for sure recommend this product. 10/10

Okay, next lets talk about Rheas “jumper”. We have the Skip hop explore and more. This isn’t your typical baby jumper which is why we got it. It is very easy to assemble and the seat rotates a full 360 degrees. The bottom is a flat surface that wobbles so Rhea still gets to work on her balance. It comes with four movable toys that help with Rheas development. The best part about this jumper is that is grows with Rhea. Once she is standing and able to move while holding onto objects we can take the seat out and put the bottom there instead turning it into a table Rhea can walk around. It also turns into a table that can be used for eating, drawing, and other fun activities, all you have to do is take the toys off and add a chair. Rhea loves this jumper and so do Tevin and I. We definitely recommend it. 10/10

On to our sleep sack. We have the nested bean sleep sack. The sack is designed to mimic the gentle pressure of a hand on babies chest. The little egg on the front is full of tiny beads so it has just a tiny bit of weight to it. It does have a double zipper as well for easy diaper access. Honestly I can’t tell if it really helps Rhea sleep or not. Rhea sleeps in a onesie then a fleece sleep sack and then the nested bean over that. It has become so routine that Rhea knows when the bean comes on that it is bed time so it does help with that. We’re going to keep using it and I will do an updated review if I notice any real difference in her sleeping patterns. 5/10

Let’s talk baby monitors! We have the Miku baby monitor and it is so so cool. This thing was incredibly easy to set up. It came with everything you need to set it up and the directions were extremely easy to follow. Above is a photo of things the monitor shows. There is a “live” button that when is blue means it is live. The little thermometer tells the temperature in the room and the little raindrop tells the humidity. I can turn the camera off or on from the screen. It tells me Rheas respiration’s per minute, I can play different sounds through the camera and can also talk to my sweet baby if she wakes up. All of this is done through the miku app which is on my smartphone. The camera has a tamper-resistant Crypto Chip so your data and your baby remain secure. No hackers here! It also uses sensor-fusion so there are no extra cords or items that I need to put onto Rhea. The best thing about this is that as long as I have WiFi I can check on Rhea anywhere I am with my smartphone. I love this baby camera so much and am so grateful to have been gifted it. The only negative about it for me is that if there is a problem it takes a while to get the problem solved. I have only had one problem with the camera and was told to video when the problem was occurring. That was extremely difficult and it ended up just fixing itself I guess. Anyways Tevin and I still love this camera and recommend it. Read more about the camera if interested at 9/10

Alright I can’t think of any other products to review right now but I will keep doing these product reviews in the future for all the parents and parents to be.

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