About me

About me

Hey there readers, let me introduce myself a bit and welcome you to my first blog post! My name is Cynthia and I was Born in Austin Texas. my soon to be husband is Tevin and we very recently had a daughter, Rhea. I’m 25 and am a graduate from UNT and I have a BA in psychology and criminal justice. Raise your hand if you have a degree you don’t use🙋🏽‍♀️. Now I did have a job working for the city police department for a while but had to leave that when we moved up to DFW. I originally wanted to be a police officer, obviously the criminal justice part of the degree, however after having Rhea and being able to spend time at home with her I dont know what I want to do. I love being able to spend my time with her and honestly right now I can’t see myself working a 9-5 or more realistically an overnight shift, because let’s be honest that’s what rookie cops usually start off at. I’ll figure out what I want a career in eventually I guess.

More about college, I joined Delta Gamma my freshman year and absolutely loved it. I know some people think joining a sorority means I payed for friends but that wasn’t it for me. I was able to volunteer so much more than I ever had. I organized mixers between different organizations and I was apart of things I never imagined Id be apart of. I met some crazy fun, smart, and inspiring women and some great men, one of whom is my future husband. I unfortunately couldn’t keep up with the dues and had to drop DG going into my junior year. I wish I could have figured out a way to stay all through my college life because I truly did love everything about DG. I strongly suggest going through sorority recruitment for college women. You not only find friends but it can help you find yourself, find what interests you and what you are passionate about. There are multiple councils when it comes to Greek life so I encourage young women to learn about all of them and decide what is best for you. During college I also played on the women’s club lacrosse team. I had never played lacrosse before but watched my sisters play for years and figured I was athletic enough to give it a shot. I picked it up pretty quick but didn’t stay on the team longer than a year due to the drama the team had. It was a really fun sport to play though and definitely kept me in shape.

I enjoy working out and am getting back into the swing of it since having Rhea. By the way, what I mean by that is I’m working out maybe 3x a week at 30 minutes per session. Low impact. Hey, it’s hard okay. But it’s a start. I’ll pick it up as time goes on and be a #fitmom before you know it. The goal is to be looking and feeling better than I did pre-baby. Check out my fitness blogs to keep up with my progress!

Let’s talk family. I’ve got two younger sisters, one sister who is also my aunt, one brother who is also my uncle, and two younger half sisters. How is my sister my aunt and my brother my uncle you ask? Simple. My mom, the oldest of 6, adopted her youngest brother and sister. Boom, they are now my brother and sister, legally. And I’ve got two half sisters because I was adopted. See my parents and I are only about 15 years apart. So my birth mother left me with my grandma and dad when I was brand new and my mother came into the picture shortly after to raise me. I met my birth mom back in middle school and keep in touch with her and my two younger half sisters. My parents have been divorced for years and thankfully get along pretty well now.

I enjoy good food and good beer. Sour beer is my absolute favorite. These days the only “beer” I’m enjoying is Heineken zero. Thank you Heineken for making it though cause honestly that shit is delicious. #notsponsered. I am looking forward to a night out at a craft beer bar and enjoying a nice sour in the future when baby Rhea isn’t so attached to the booby.

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