About me: Tevin

About me: Tevin

Hello everyone, 

My name is Tevin Thompson and I am the luckiest man on earth being the husband to Cynthia and the Father of Miss Rhea “Sunshine”. I first off would like to tell everyone thank you for taking time out of your day to support our platform detailing our experiences as new parents, from every low to every high.  We greatly appreciate the time you spend on our site. 

First off, I am a Graduate of the University of North Texas with a bachelors in Kinesiology (CAW!!!). My time spent at UNT is primarily responsible for everything I do each and everyday today, as this is the place I met some great people in my life, including Cynthia. It all started with a “Hello, would you like a Jell-O shot?” And guess who asked this question, not I.*insert Laugh*. That moment created a path of happiness for me in which I truly had never felt before. Cynthia and I have been dating for the past five years, and I can honestly admit that we have helped mold each other to become who we are today based off the love we have for each other. I truly want to say Cynthia Perez is my best friend one whom has stood by my side through the greatest and worst of times. When I was down and just wanted to give up she was there to stand in front and lend that hand to pull me forward.  As a man I could have never asked for anyone greater at such time in my life.

Over this past year, I have personally gone through some things in my life that have changed me forever. Last December I lost my mother unexpectedly due to her fight with Lupus. That was the worst time in my life as I am a only child so for me I was losing my mother and father all at one time. I was just in town for Thanksgiving with my mother, and the final time we spent together was doing something that would involve Cynthia as well. My mother was along my side to get my engagement ring for her future daughter-in-law whom she loved dearly and was so happy about joining our family.  That night she spoke words to me that I would never forget, “Its not just about you anymore Tevin.” Little did I know those words are what I live by everyday I look and Cynthia and Rhea. It truly is not about me, this now is about “US” and this journey is something I feel comfortable sharing with you all. 

As for myself with our blog I will have my own section in which anyone is more than welcome to spend time reading. I want to cycle through many topics as I truly feel the birth of Miss Rhea happened for many different reasons at this point in my life.  Being a new dad is a challenge I didn’t know would happen now, but things always happen for a reason. I am ready for this challenge we call life. There will be obstacles every day from mental, physical, financial, etc. but with the love of my family we shall conquer it all. As we the Thompsons stand together prepared to grow as one. Thank you again and enjoy.

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