Rhea turned 2 months old!

Rhea turned 2 months old!

My sweet baby turned 2 months old the other day! It is amazing how much she has grown since we brought her home. She can hold her head up so well. She’s hardly wobbling. She makes great eye contact with anyone. Her smile warms my heart every time I see it. She’s even started to laugh! Ugh it is just crazy looking back at her day one photos compared to now. She is such a big girl now.

Personally I love the water. Anything that has to do with it. Going to the pool, the lake, the beach, going on a cruise. I love being around water. Naturally when I found out I was pregnant I got excited about taking Rhea out to the pool, lake, and beach in the future. A girl I met in college and follow on instagram (@viveca_albarran) had taken her daughter to Emler swim school when she was 2 months old. I thought that was such an awesome idea and wanted to take Rhea. I called up the school and set up her first swim class! Emler has a bath time babies class for 2 months – 6 months olds and it’s free! All you have to pay is the $30 once a year registration fee. So when Rhea turned 2 months old we celebrated by going to swim!

The pool is indoors and the water is kept warm so the babies don’t get cold. I got in the pool with her because like I said earlier, water is my thing. She did an amazing job! I was so proud of my little girl. For each activity we did our instructor gave a detailed example of how to perform it using her baby doll as her baby. Each activity also had a song to go with it. I used to teach preschool so I loved that each activity had a song, it really helps engage the babies. Im hoping to learn a few of them over time so I can sing to them when giving Rhea a bath. It will help her associate the songs with water and just an overall joyful feeling since she enjoys the pool. Some of the activities we did included moving a cup over baby’s face while the water poured from the bottom (the cup had holes at the bottom to slowly release the water). There was a tummy time activity and one where baby got to kick off the wall. We also practiced kicking our legs while in the water. Rhea had one 4 month old friend in the class with her who was also doing a really good job. He had been to several classes already so I am looking forward to seeing how Rhea will progress. We both enjoyed the class so much and I cant wait for her next one! I will be posting more swim blogs in the future as she continues to grow but for now enjoy some photos from her very first swim class!

Comment below if you’ve tried out a swim class with your baby! I’d love to hear how it went and if you kept it up.

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  1. Y’all are doing wonderful

    1. Thank you! We are trying ❤️

  2. So cute ❤. Can’t wait to read your next post.

    1. Thank you Brandi! We’re so glad you’re enjoying our blog. Ill have a new one up this week. ❤️

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