🎂Dadas Birthday/Christmas Eve🎄

🎂Dadas Birthday/Christmas Eve🎄

For most people December 24th is Christmas Eve but for us it’s Tevin’s birthday! This year we celebrated in Austin with my side of the family. We had a great time while down south but let’s start with our trip to Austin.

Traveling with a baby is something else guys. They have a lot of shit you have to take with you. We stayed for three days and two nights at my dads house. We packed clothes and extra clothes for Rhea which was good because she had several blowouts. Packed her jumper, floor gym mat, wipes, sound machine, pack n play, and boppy pillow. On top of all her stuff and our stuff we also brought gifts from us, my granny and my dads girlfriend. So to say our car was packed was an understatement. Anyways, the trip there had no traffic and we stopped two times. Once so I could get into the backseat with Rhea and again because we had to use the restroom. We left DFW during Rheas nap time hoping she would fall asleep in the car. She fell asleep for about the first 20-30 minutes then woke up and played with her car seat toys. After about 20 minutes of that she started screaming so that’s when we made our first stop. I hopped in the backseat with her and Duke and tried to get her to drink a bottle. She doesn’t usually take a bottle so it took her about 15 minutes but she got the hang of it. She was satisfied after that and took another nap. When she woke up she played some more and then we were there! So the drive there was not bad at all.

We made it around 2pm and then unloaded the car. One of my sisters had set up a “happy birthday” banner and my dad made sure all his Christmas decorations were out. It’s tradition that we spend Christmas Eve with my dad and we open up gifts at midnight. Since it is also Tevins birthday I made sure to order him a cake and had my dad pick it up so it was ready at the house when we arrived. I ordered him a white chocolate raspberry Nothing Bundt Cakes cake and 12 mini ones. My dad had started a brisket very early in the morning so we could enjoy it for dinner. We hung out for several hours with my dad, sister, and long time family friend Christie. Around 6pm the rest of the family started to show up. Everyone had a great time talking, drinking and playing games. We ate dinner and then sang happy Birthday to Tevin and he opened his birthday gifts. He got some pretty cool stuff and let me just say #fitdadbod is in full effect. Rhea did such a great job the entire day. She enjoyed being held by all her aunties and her grandy and grandpa.

Rheas usual bedtime is around 10:30pm so around that time I put her in her jammies and swaddle. She was exhausted so she fell asleep pretty quickly in my arms. I attempted to put her down in the pack n play but she was not a fan of it. Rhea normally sleeps in her Halo Basinest (read our review in “baby products review” blog) at home just fine but she was not having this pack n play. She slept in it for a little while but I ended up having to hold her as she slept. When midnight came I brought her out with me to the living room to open gifts. She stayed asleep the entire time everyone was opening gifts. The gifts we opened on Christmas Eve were from my granny and papa Gene, Christie, my dads girlfriend, and my dad. Everyone loved everything they received so much. My dad did a great job picking something personal out for everyone there were definitely some happy tears shed.

After the gift opening was done I took Rhea back to the room and we both went to sleep for the night…well until she got hungry a few hours later. We had such a great time celebrating Tevins birthday and Christmas Eve at my dads and I am just so grateful to have a family that loves my husband so much. We are looking forward to the many celebrations to come.

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